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Unlike other '80s metal bands, Testament’s fan base hasn't diminished with the accumulation of years. In fact, when Testament dropped "Dark Roots of Earth" in 2012, the disc entered the Billboard 200 at No. 12, the highest chart position the band has seen in its career. As every ticket holder in the metal underground knows, Testament concerts are built on furious riffs and aggressive harmonies. In fact, Testament became known for their virtuosic control and melodic crunch, an approach to thrash metal that set them apart from their contemporaries, many of whom just wanted to play as fast and as loud as possible on tour. Whether Testament is playing new material in concert or classics from the '80s, be prepared for pyrotechnics, headbanging, moshing and a stage set that looks like the lurid artwork from one of their famous album covers.

Cranbrook Curling Centre

Cranbrook, BC, CA This event has been canceled. Refunds available at point of purchase.