Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

  • I have not received the merchandise associated with my package. What should I do?

    Drop us a note! Our e-mail address is slocustomerservice@slotix.com where we can be reached Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Pacific Time (West Coast time). Please include your name, order number, type of package you purchased, and the name and city of the concert you attended. We will look into the matter and be back in touch asap.

  • Help! I’m here at the concert and I need some assistance!

    If you are inside the venue reading this on your phone and you are needing assistance, please ask the nearest usher or member of security where the venue's Guest Relations office is located. Please proceed to the Guest Relations office and one of their staff should be able to help or reach out to the proper person who can provide assistance.

  • What is a premium ticket?

    A premium ticket is the best available seat location associated with a package at the time of purchase. Your premium ticket seat location will be shown on the website purchase page before you complete the package purchase.

  • What is Pre-show Hospitality?

    Pre-Show Hospitality is a reception that happens before the show and is offered with certain packages. The Pre-Show Hospitality reception includes food and drinks in a festive atmosphere with other package purchasers who are just as much of a fan of the artist as you. Mix, mingle and chat about your favorite artist that you will be seeing that night. How many times have you seen this artist before, when, and where? Share your stories with other fans!

  • What type of food and drink will be served at the Pre-Show Hospitality?

    Food and drink options will vary by artist, tour and venue. Food may include hot and cold appetizers, including meat, vegetarian, and gluten-free options when available. Drinks may include beer, wine, soft drinks, water, tea and coffee. Venue restrictions may apply on alcoholic beverages.

  • Do I get to meet the artist?

    An opportunity to meet the artist is only available with packages that specifically state at the time of purchase that a “Meet & Greet” is included as a part of the package.

  • If I have a package which includes a “Meet & Greet”, how much time will I be able to spend with the artist? What happens at a Meet & Greet?

    As much as we would all love to have the opportunity to "get to know the artists", they have demanding schedules to follow on a show day...soundcheck, wardrobe changes, interviews and grabbing a bite to eat before the show...thus time is limited.

    Having said that, a Meet & Greet will include a chance to “meet” the artist, by introducing yourself and saying hello, and a chance to “greet” the artist with a few short words about how you are their biggest fan! Every artist is different in how he or she likes to structure the Meet & Greet and is well aware of this "once in a lifetime" moment!

  • If I have a package which includes a meet & greet, can I bring gifts, or items to be autographed?

    Unfortunately, gifts for the artists are usually not accepted dur to the security regulations set by the venue. The info letter that you will receive approximately one week before the show will include more specific details about your pacakge elements.

  • If I have a package that includes an autographed item, what do I get?

    The autographed item is selected by the tour/artist and may be pre-autographed.

  • Can I exit the venue after I have entered?

    There are no “in & outs” once you have checked-in at the designated package check-in location and your ticket has been scanned.

  • Do you have to be a certain age to purchase, or attend, the package offerings?

    There are generally no age restrictions, however we would suggest checking the venue website for any age restrictions on a particular show before making a package purchase.

  • Is handicap accessible seating available with the packages?

    Availability and location of handicap seating options vary by the show and venue. Please inquire slocustomerservice@slotix.com for more information. When contacting us, please include the artist, show date, and package type that you are interested in purchasing.

  • May I make a package purchase via phone?

    Packages can only be purchased on the full website with a credit card. Mobile apps will not show all offers and full details of the pacakge. Links to all package purchase pages can be found under each artist heading on www.slotix.com.

  • Can you provide contact info for the artist? Their management?

    We cannot provide contact information for the artists and/or their management. We are unable to forward messages or gifts to any artist and/or management.

  • Can I bring a camera?

    Please check with the venue directly on what will or will not be allowed into the venue on any given show. Venue policies as to what is allowed inside can change show-to-show. Knives, guns, explosives and pet iguana’s are never allowed, but camera and bag policies vary by venue. Each artist has specific security policies and these policies exist for your safety.

  • Where are my tickets? What should I do if I lost my tickets?

    Please refer to your e-mail confirmation received at the time of purchase for details about the ticket distribution method. Typically, the distribution options are postal mail, paperless, print-at-home, or box office will-call. If you cannot locate your e-mail confirmation, please contact your point of purchase. If Ticketmaster is your point of purchase, they can be reached at 1-800-653-8000. If the purchase was not made through Ticketmaster, please refer to your e-mail confirmation receipt for point of purchase contact.

  • What is “exclusive merchandise”?

    Exclusive merchandise is artist-related merchandise containing the artist’s approved image or logo which can only be obtained via a package purchase. The items will not be available for purchase at the show or through any other on-line avenues – they are only available to package purchasers. (You are unique!) The type of merchandise is not disclosed until it is received by the customer, however we can confirm that it will not be a t-shirt, or anything requiring sizing.

  • What is the "collectible laminate"?

    The collectible laminate is a custom made memento to remember your evening and has an attached lanyard. The souvenir laminate includes the artist’s approved image and/or logo, etc., is commemorative only and does not authorize access into the venue or backstage areas.

  • What is included in a package?

    There are many different types of package offers which vary by artist. The contents of each package may vary by city, date and tour. The contents of all packages are listed under the package name, which can be found on each artist’s page at www.slotix.com.

  • Is parking included?

    Parking is generally not included in a package. Please refer to your package description for items that are included in your package.

  • Where do I park?

    Any advance or reserved parking options are handled through each individual venue and can usually be found on the venue’s website. We cannot make a suggestion on where to park because it can change at the venue’s discretion on the day of the show. Parking is often based on which parking lots fill up first and can depend upon what time you arrive, etc. Parking is generally not included with any package purchase.

  • Can I get a refund?

    As noted at the time of purchase, refunds and transfers are not allowed on any package.

  • What if my show/event is cancelled?

    In the case of entire show/event cancellation, refunds will be given.

  • Can I sell my package?

    Why would you want to sell your package?!? You’re going to miss a great show!

    All packages are non-transferable and name changes are not allowed. This policy is in place to deter any type of ticket fraud involving the original purchaser.

  • New York state law says I can sell my ticket.

    In the state of New York, the actual ticket included in a package can be redistributed. However all other items included in the package are non-transferable.

  • What about TM+?

    TM+ is an online ticket re-sale system via the Ticketmaster website, however this process resells only the ticket to another party. Ticket Transfer is an online ticket transfer system via the Ticketmaster website, however this process transfers only the ticket to another party. All other items included in the package are non-transferable and cannot be resold.

  • My package is a gift for a relative and I am not going...how can he or she get in?

    All packages are non-transferable as noted at the time of purchase, however we can review a name change request between two parties who are related. Proof of the relationship will be required for review. Please contact slocustomerservice@slotix.com for more information. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Pacific Time (West Coast time).

  • My question is not here. How can I reach you?

    Please drop us a note at slocustomerservice@slotix.com and we will be back in touch with you as soon as possible. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Pacific Time (West Coast time).